Seriously Funny: 10 Hindi Comedies

Inspired Madness: Comedy is a communal hug – a “jaadu ki jhappi” as Raju Hirani’s Munnabhai would have it – that Bollywood has churned out in the best and bleakest of times.

Cinema With Message: Your Guide to 10 Socially Relevant Films from Bollywood

Alongside escapist fare, Bollywood has had a great parallel tradition of poetic realism, stories of social issues and locating heroism in ordinary lives, led by Bimal Roy and V Shantaram.

Serial Killer, Femme Fatale, Avenger Mom: 10 Bollywood Thrillers And Their Pulpy Delights

It will do well for readers to remember that Bollywood’s forte is pulp thrillers with chartbuster music, unlike Hollywood that has over the years perfected the brain-twisting, genre-bending capers.

Is The Book Better Or The Movie? Exploring 10 Hindi films Based On Novels

Literature may or may not need films, but films undoubtedly need literature for its creative growth and sustenance but mostly, to access material that’s inaccessible in cinema.

Our Ultimate Guide To India’s New Wave: 10 Essential Parallel Cinema Gems

Led by Shyam Benegal, Mani Kaul, Govind Nihalani and Saeed Mirza, Hindi parallel cinema advocated uncompromising realism. Its influence can still be felt on contemporary filmmakers.

Satya, Daddy, Maqbool: 10 Bollywood Gangster Films To Watch

The gangster isn’t as fashionable as he used to be. (“Abhi politician sab se bada bhai hai,” says a character in Satya). By 9/11, terrorism had replaced mafia as cinema’s favourite subject.

10 Must-Watch Hindies From The 21st Century: From The Lunchbox to Court

90s, they say, was lousy. Just when all hopes were lost, thanks to the emergence of a new breed of indie players, Bollywood veered towards a seismic shift whose legacy shapes it even today.

10 Bollywood Films That Are So Bad That They Are Hilariously Good

Some movies are more entertaining when you are drunk. Ask a connoisseur of camp, and he will confirm that trashy films can be a source of pure and totally unforeseen fun.

10 Hindi Romantic Hits and What Makes Them Enduring in Movie-Loving India

Most Bollywood films are “romances” unless otherwise specified. That self-explanatory disclaimer says everything that you need to know about Hindi films.

10 Bollywood Dramas to Watch: A Quintessential and Time-Tested Genre

Time, as they say, is a good judge of whether a work of art is great or not. Indeed, Mughal-E-Azam, Guide, Shree 420 and plenty others have stood the test of time.