Husain in Dubai

In 2006, MF Husain made UAE his home. The decision was a "game-changer," according to friends.

An Unusual Hybrid

"Tropical modernism' seems reductive as applied to South Asian architects" — artist Shezad Dawood.

Compulsive Sketcher

NS Bendre is an early pioneer of the Indian modern art. Yet, the sublime beauty of his lines is coming into focus only now.

Home Run

Relatives and fellow painters, the Europe-loving Sakti Burman and Paresh Maity remain Bengali at heart.

The Golden Land

Circa 200 BC-1200 AD, India was home to a sophisticated culture full of creativity, argues William Dalrymple.

Mumbai’s Gallerist

The gallery Pheroza J Godrej started fifty years ago made her an indispensable part of the city’s art scene.

Brush with AI

Artists are using algorithms, sensors and augmented reality to speak of fragility and permanence.

Climate Action

Cautionary Tales: How artists are leading from the front in their cultural response to global warming.

Garden of Senses

The cross-cultural (Indo-French) world of the mother-daughter artist duo, Maïté Delteil and Maya Burman.

All About Love

Vadehra Art Gallery's Call Me By Your Name confronts that time-tested question — Can love complete us?

Catch ‘Em Young

Museums and galleries across India are upending conventions and reimagining a new playbook for children.


A group exhibition in New Delhi engages with the challenges of habitation and questions of belonging.

Mortal City

New Delhi-based architect and artist Gautam Bhatia reflects on why 'beauty' has vanished from art.

Meta Motifs

Atul Dodiya wants to be remembered as Mohd Rafi of art. With his playful oeuvre and consistent output, he justifies it.

Surreal Beasts

Kartick Chandra Pyne was best known as a 'surrealist' at a time when Indian modern art was following a more narrative tradition

The Lone Ranger

Artist Jatin Das' lockdown works express the pain and anguish he felt during 2020's migrant crisis.

Cinema Over Art

An Oscar-winning costume designer today, Bhanu Athaiya in the 1940-50s was busy pursuing art. Finally, she opted for films.

Light and Play

Neither fully Impressionist or Cubist, Jehangir Sabavala's serene landscapes have inspired a sense of wonder and awe.

The Magical Realist

Rekha Rodwittiya's art, where the mundane meets profound, is a celebration of “the everyday life of the woman."

A Painter’s Painter

Many readers may not be familiar with Paris-based Rajendra Dhawan but he was held in high regard in art fraternity.

Krishna Reddy’s Prints

Artist Krishna Reddy on the lessons of Nandalal Bose, memories of Santiniketan and disappointment of not selling in India.

The Bombay Chronicler

From mill workers to chawl dwellers, shantytown to towers, Sudhir Patwardhan’s art has kept up with the changing times.

India Calling

After staying in France for nearly 60 years, Sayed Haider Raza has decided to “spend the rest of my days” in India.

‘Husain Repeats Himself’

Artist Jogen Chowdhury speaks about his friend MF Husain, his guru Tagore and the thrill of selling a painting for Rs 150.

The Colour of Life

The Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli hobnobbed with Picasso and Chagall in '60s. He’s now painting flowers in Moscow.

Inspired by Benaras

Manu Parekh's new paintings again pay tribute to a changing Kashi and its unchanging spirit.

The ‘Paris’ Viswanadhan

Having fled his village in Kerala as a teen, Viswanadhan’s (better known as 'Paris' Viswanadhan) art is informed by itinerancy.

Let Art Be Colour-Blind

Swaminathan, Gaitonde and Raza are India's famous abstractionists. Mehlli Gobhai has slipped through the cracks.

Art in Turbulent Times

Lahore-based artist Ali Kazim talks about nudity, freedom of expression and why interest in Pakistani art is on the ascent.

Sudhir Patwardhan’s City

Born in Pune in 1949, when he first landed in Mumbai as a medical student in 1973, the scale of the city scared him.

The Art of Collecting

An American professor and his extraordinary fascination with Bhupen Khakhar’s works that has led him to collect over 100 of them.

The Mash-Up Artist

Atul Dodiya’s work is replete with influences and references (Duchamp to Tyeb Mehta). But it also subverts the way we see art.

Woman As Protagonist

Dhruvi Acharya's 'Permeated Absence' is about dealing with loss and her continued preoccupation with the female body.

City of Moderns

A blockbuster exhibition brings together works by all 13 of the ballsy youngsters who formed Bombay’s iconic PAG.

Reimagining ‘Feminism’

Inspired by Sultana’s Dream, artist Chitra Ganesh believes the story of this 1905 Bengali sci-fi novel is relevant today.

A Seeker of Beauty

Muzaffar Ali (of Umrao Jaan fame) is also an artist. 'The Other Side' (his first exhibition in 15 years) promises to reveal his other side.

His Dubai Years

In 2006, MF Husain made UAE his home. Being in the Gulf allowed him to become a bridge between two different cultures.

Back To The Bindu

Never a figurative painter, even S H Raza's earliest of paintings on display prove his inclination towards landscape.

Climate Art

In his latest artwork, Olafur Eliasson, the Danish-Icelandic conceptual artist invites viewers to create their own 'cabinet of curiosities.'

‘I’ll be painting right till the end’

The 93-year-old Krishen Khanna talks about his devotion to art, the horrors of 1947 and his close friendships with MF Husain and Tyeb Mehta

Life after death

Though M.F. Husain died a Qatari citizen, a new retrospective in Doha revisits his work from the several places he called home

‘I Have My Art!’

Akbar Padamsee's work was iconic even when esoteric. He leaves having enriched Indian art forever