In Search of Modern Art

From SH Raza to Akbar Padamsee, nobody really knew what modern art was. It was Paris that nudged them towards modernity.

Nihalani’s Party

Party's fundamental question, 'What is the role of art (and artists) in society?' remains just as intriguing today.

The ‘Paris’ Viswanadhan

Having fled his village in Kerala as a teen, Viswanadhan’s (better known as 'Paris' Viswanadhan) art is informed by itinerancy.

Most Ideal CM (EVER)

Anil Kapoor's campy Nayak follows the rollercoaster ride of a journalist who becomes Chief Minister for a day.

Let Art Be Colour-Blind

Swaminathan, Gaitonde and Raza are India's famous abstractionists. Mehlli Gobhai has slipped through the cracks.

Looking Back: Agneepath

Once trashed as Scarface spinoff, Amitabh Bachchan's Agneepath holds a special place in the hearts of fans today.

Art in Turbulent Times

Lahore-based artist Ali Kazim talks about nudity, freedom of expression and why interest in Pakistani art is on the ascent.

Sudhir Patwardhan’s City

Born in Pune in 1949, when he first landed in Mumbai as a medical student in 1973, the scale of the city scared him.

Side Effects of Stardom

Hubris is just one aspect of fame. It triggers something within a person, affecting the outer as much as inner personality.

The Art of Collecting

An American professor and his extraordinary fascination with Bhupen Khakhar’s works that has led him to collect over 100 of them.

Poor Man’s Pop Star

For years, Mithun Chakraborty has been a victim of elite prejudice — what multiplex goers call a ‘downmarket’ star.

The Legacy of ‘Art Films’

Parallel cinema of the 1970s and 80s remains influential in Bollywood though chances are you will not notice it.

A Poet of Poop

The mystery of why Joginder, father of the fabled lota dance, has fans just about everywhere. Even abroad. Ranga khush!

The Mash-Up Artist

Atul Dodiya’s work is replete with influences and references (Duchamp to Tyeb Mehta). But it also subverts the way we see art.

Deols: Father and Sons

The story of Deols begins with Dharmendra. Especially, his early years, made riveting each time it is narrated by the man himself.

Woman As Protagonist

Dhruvi Acharya's 'Permeated Absence' is about dealing with loss and her continued preoccupation with the female body.

Mr India’s Life Anthem

Mr India's Music: If there’s one number that comes closest to being the film’s essential theme it is “Zindagi ki yehi reet hai.”

A Quiet Revolution

The Writer's World: Salim-Javed’s Zanjeer case and the good turn it may do Hindi film scriptwriters.

City of Moderns

A blockbuster exhibition brings together works by all 13 of the ballsy youngsters who formed Bombay’s iconic PAG.

Revisiting Katha (1983)

Did Farooq Sheikh play his real flirty self in 1983’s Katha? At least co-star Deepti Naval and director Sai Paranjpye think so.

Reimagining ‘Feminism’

Inspired by Sultana’s Dream, artist Chitra Ganesh believes the story of this 1905 Bengali sci-fi novel is relevant today.

Far Too Many Gods

Around the world in 80 minutes: India’s avant-garde filmmakers recommend world cinema classics that shaped them.

The Ultimate Heartthrob

Born to movies, gone to movies: Rishi Kapoor had made a comeback recently, with newfound energy and hunger for more.

Chums in Life and Creativity

When RD Burman passed away in 1994, Gulzar lamented that a part of his soul, too, went away with his departed friend.

Museum Hopping

Moscow’s museums are reshaping our thoughts about art, its purpose, and influence on contemporary society.

A Seeker of Beauty

Muzaffar Ali (of Umrao Jaan fame) is also an artist. 'The Other Side' (his first exhibition in 15 years) promises to reveal his other side.

The Superstar Son

'At the back of our minds is always this looming fear for his future, 'What’s in store for Salman?', says his father Salim Khan.

Girls Want to Have Fun

Female agency, in recent years, has emerged as an interesting cinematic tool—and a highly profitable one.

Coast To Coast

Melbourne has chic food, buzzing nightlife and great coffee culture. But for unspoiled Aussie splendour, hit the Great Ocean Road.

His Unstoppable Rise

What makes Ranveer Singh the most exciting leading man Bollywood has seen in a long time?

An Actor Worth Watching

In theatre, Neeraj Kabi has a reputation as a highly physical actor. He says he draws his technique from Natya Shastra.

His Dubai Years

In 2006, MF Husain made UAE his home. Being in the Gulf allowed him to become a bridge between two different cultures.

Back To The Bindu

Never a figurative painter, even S H Raza's earliest of paintings on display prove his inclination towards landscape.

Baku Through a Poet’s Eyes

Azerbaijan's Nasimi Festival brings out Baku's beauty as scholars and poetry lovers descend upon this artistic epicentre.

Sahir’s Revolutionary Poetry

Amidst anti-CAA protests, the politically-charged 'Jinhe naaz hai' Pyaasa is a reminder that poets and writers have always held a mirror to the ruling order.

Climate Art

In his latest artwork, Olafur Eliasson, the Danish-Icelandic conceptual artist invites viewers to create their own 'cabinet of curiosities.'

The Cult of C-Grade Movies

This is cinema that can make a masochist wince. So how come it is acquiring fans who know—or ought to know—good cinema from bad?

Tragic Heroes

The anonymous lives of Bollywood lookalikes: In Hindi cinema, the job of a lookalike is not just to look like the original, but to do the ‘undoable’.

‘I’ll be painting right till the end’

The 93-year-old Krishen Khanna talks about his devotion to art, the horrors of 1947 and his close friendships with MF Husain and Tyeb Mehta

Life after death

Though M.F. Husain died a Qatari citizen, a new retrospective in Doha revisits his work from the several places he called home

Tracing S.H. Raza to the French Riviera

What drew the modernist master to Gorbio, a hilltop hamlet near Nice? An admirer drives up to find out

Making Celluloid from Cellulose

The difficult and often distortive experiment of making movies of books

An Ode to Vijay Anand’s Guide

A grey-shaded hero and adulterous heroine, why the 1965 classic was ahead of its time

‘I Have My Art!’

Akbar Padamsee's work was iconic even when esoteric. He leaves having enriched Indian art forever

Phalke’s Alter Ego

Maker of cult indie film Om-Dar-Ba-Dar, Kamal Swaroop has spent the last 23 years zealously researching Dadasaheb Phalke’s life.

Bawarchi: Rajesh Khanna’s uncomplicated simplicity

Anand (1971) may be Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Rajesh Khanna's most iconic collaboration, but it is their second movie Bawarchi that remains truly special

Tribute: Farooque Shaikh as the unsung Angry Young Man

The actor was celebrated for his love stories, but his ability to portray intensity and angst deserve a second look

A Painter on a Paris Pilgrimage

Drunk on Hemmingway, modern art and Woody Allen, an artist goes nosing around yesterday's art havens in Paris

The Marathi Wave

India’s oldest film industry basks in critical acclaim and newfound power

Seriously Funny: 10 Hindi Comedies

Inspired Madness: Comedy is a communal hug – a “jaadu ki jhappi” as Raju Hirani’s Munnabhai would have it – that Bollywood has churned out in the best and bleakest of times.

Cinema With Message: Your Guide to 10 Socially Relevant Films from Bollywood

Alongside escapist fare, Bollywood has had a great parallel tradition of poetic realism, stories of social issues and locating heroism in ordinary lives, led by Bimal Roy and V Shantaram.

Serial Killer, Femme Fatale, Avenger Mom: 10 Bollywood Thrillers And Their Pulpy Delights

It will do well for readers to remember that Bollywood’s forte is pulp thrillers with chartbuster music, unlike Hollywood that has over the years perfected the brain-twisting, genre-bending capers.

Is The Book Better Or The Movie? Exploring 10 Hindi films Based On Novels

Literature may or may not need films, but films undoubtedly need literature for its creative growth and sustenance but mostly, to access material that’s inaccessible in cinema.

Our Ultimate Guide To India’s New Wave: 10 Essential Parallel Cinema Gems

Led by Shyam Benegal, Mani Kaul, Govind Nihalani and Saeed Mirza, Hindi parallel cinema advocated uncompromising realism. Its influence can still be felt on contemporary filmmakers.

Satya, Daddy, Maqbool: 10 Bollywood Gangster Films To Watch

The gangster isn’t as fashionable as he used to be. (“Abhi politician sab se bada bhai hai,” says a character in Satya). By 9/11, terrorism had replaced mafia as cinema’s favourite subject.

10 Must-Watch Hindies From The 21st Century: From The Lunchbox to Court

90s, they say, was lousy. Just when all hopes were lost, thanks to the emergence of a new breed of indie players, Bollywood veered towards a seismic shift whose legacy shapes it even today.

10 Bollywood Films That Are So Bad That They Are Hilariously Good

Some movies are more entertaining when you are drunk. Ask a connoisseur of camp, and he will confirm that trashy films can be a source of pure and totally unforeseen fun.

10 Hindi Romantic Hits and What Makes Them Enduring in Movie-Loving India

Most Bollywood films are “romances” unless otherwise specified. That self-explanatory disclaimer says everything that you need to know about Hindi films.

10 Bollywood Dramas to Watch: A Quintessential and Time-Tested Genre

Time, as they say, is a good judge of whether a work of art is great or not. Indeed, Mughal-E-Azam, Guide, Shree 420 and plenty others have stood the test of time.

Gulzar’s Lesson to Vishal Bhardwaj: ‘In Cinema, Emotion is Stronger Than Logic’

Vishal Bhardwaj on the influence of William Shakespeare and Gulzar on his filmography. He also revisits Maqbool and Haider besides talking about other world cinema classics.